Exercise 1

a. Our experiments suggest that there are dangerous level of chemical X in the Ohio groundwater. Counterview: In their recent work, experimenters have offered harsh critiques of our water supply not being cleansed for chemical X being present in groundwater.

b. Material forces drive history. Counterview: It is often said that material forces drive history.

c. Proponents of Freudian psychology question standard notions of “rationality”. Counterview: A number of psychologists have recently questioned standard notions of “rationality”.

d. Male students often dominate class discussions. Counterview: Many people assume that male students often dominate class discussions.

e. The film is about the problems of romantic relationships. Counterview: In their recent work, critics have offered harsh reviews about the film that is about problems in romantic relationships.

f. I’m afraid that templates like the ones in this book will stifle my creativity. Counterview: Although I should know better by now, I cannot help thinking that templates will stifle my creativity.


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